PayOffRatio is for you if you are:

  • Interested in finding good stocks before they make long term moves.
  • Interested in learning about and applying risk management techniques to your investing and trading.
  • Able to manage and take ownership of each trade. We tell you where to buy and sell but YOU still need to execute the trade.
  • Looking for opportunities in small, medium and large cap stocks.
  • Seeking objective analysis of markets and stocks without second guessing.
  • Believe in maths, probabilities and trends.

PayOffRatio is probably NOT for you, if you:

  • Like to make rash and emotional decisions.
  • Expect that every trade will, or should be, a winner.
  • Don’t understand risk management and are not willing to learn.
  • Like watching news and trading the latest and greatest stock mentioned.
  • Are unable to sell losers and move on.
  • Are more interested in the fundamentals and the business rather than trading the stock because it is already moving up.
  • Like stories about why XYZ may or may not be a good company.
  • Want to pick tops and bottoms in trends.

I am usually aware of the fundamentals of a company even more so in the large cap mean revert trades, but about 80% of my decision making is based on technical analysis. As a trader, timing is key and regardless of how good a story may appear. Price is what I use to decide my profit and loss. To make new equity highs in my account I need the price of my stocks to go up. Usually if price is moving up the underlying business is performing as well.

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